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Technical lead, Sound Design
HTML5, PHP, LAMP Administration
Online ARG / Cryptic competition x B-Reel / CP+B / XBox

‘The Glitch’ was a highly secretive and unusual campaign launched by Microsoft, CP+B and B-Reel that took players on a journey across the Internet, challenging them to solve puzzles and crack codes to win a mysterious prize.

This formed part of the UK XBox One launch, and part of Microsoft’s effort to engage directly with hardcore gamers by working on their level.

The glitch took the form of a 1 second ‘disruption’ to the Xbox TV commercial that had already been on regular rotation on UK TV channels for some time. Hidden within this were a number of codes and clues that would set players off on their journey.

B-Reel : site
CP+B London : site
I headed up the development side of the project team at B-Reel, and was responsible for laying out this network of cryptic sites across the web in such a way as to give no clue as to who, or what was behind the Glitch.

A sophisticated PHP backend system was built to monitor and control all the various endpoints to allow tracking of players as they moved through the contest, and shutting off routes as soon as prizes had been awarded.

In addition, I was also responsible for the glitched-up sound design across all of the routes, which added to the air of mystery and suspense surrounding the campaign.

Or, in the words of one contestant, making them ‘literally shit his pants’.

Owen Hindley 2016