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April 2017
Samsung & Universal Everything x Interactive pavilion installation
Unconfined is an immersive interactive installation by Universal Everything and Zaha Hadid Architects commissioned by Samsung Mobile and unveiled at Milan Design Week 2017, to accompany the launch of the new Galaxy S8 phone.

So I’ve been a massive fanboy of Universal Everything’s work ever since Matt Pyke formed the studio post-Designers Republic, so being invited to join them as a developer on this adventure was a bit exciting, to say the least!

The brief was to produce a real-time, interactive artwork that would be projected onto seven monumental ‘petals’, designed and inhabiting a space by Zaha Hadid Architects, within a relatively short timeframe – and with a lot of press attention on the final result, so no small order.

Concept & creative direction by Universal Everything
Lead Developer : Chris Mullany
Additional Development : Ponies And Light
Architects : Zaha Hadid
With a tight timeline, the lead developer Chris Mullany and I developed a system for simulating choreographed bird-like motion onto thousands of unique ‘avatars’ – playful, generative striped characters who would fly and dance around the space.

We worked rapidly in Unity, with Chris handling the creation and rendering of the Avatars, and me handling the flocking motion and choreographies that would play in synchronicity with composed music from Simon Pyke / Freefarm.

The final setup in Milan required an impressive assortment of hardware, handled by an amazing crew of projectionists, d3 operators, sound and lighting designers, and our playback rig – 6 high-end PCs running Unity apps, all synchronised via network from a single server, from which we could adjust and refine all aspects of the show once we arrived in Milan.

Press :

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Owen Hindley 2016