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Sound design
Pure Data, Node.js
Immersive interactive installation x B-Reel

>Star Canvas Case Study (B-Reel.com)

To celebrate B-Reel London’s 5 year anniversary, the team decided to create a large immersive installation, to be installed at the office as we invited the great and the good of the London advertising world down to party and drink with us!

The huge star chart, powered by WebGL in Chrome and controlled using the new Leap Motion controller, was a huge hit at the party, as people were invited to create their own constellations via a roaming iPad interface.

I was brought in towards the end of the project to add sound to the experience, and in a short space of time, we connected the Node.js server that was at the heart of installation to a Pure Data scene via OSC.

The Pure Data scene itself was setup to involve as few samples or pre-programmed sequences as possible – and let the data from the various constellations (their size and shape) drive the sounds that are played when they are selected.

You can download the Pure Data patches and samples from the following repository:

StarCanvasAudio on Github : link

WebGL code by Yi Wen Lin : blog
The results, when combined with the massive 4m+ wide dome projection system were very satisfactory, and can be heard below:

‘Clap’ sound effects (played when the user clapped their hands over the leap motion)
‘Constellation’ sound effects (played when the user selects a constellation)
‘Drone’ (played on a loop during the experience, all other melodies change relative to the root note)
‘Keyboard’ sound effect (played when the user hits a key on the input keyboard)

Owen Hindley 2016