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Music Composition & Sound Design x Resonate Festival / FIELD.io
Jan 2015
Music composition
Sound design

Resonate is a festival that brings together artists to drive a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.

Held annually in Belgrade, Serbia, it draws visual artists, programmers, performers, musicians and curators to present and discuss their work, share new ideas, work and party hard.

For the trailer, FIELD collaborated with director / designer Antar Walker to bring their graphic identity for the festival into motion.
I was approached by FIELD to collaborate with the team on the musical score and sound design for the piece.

I immediately brought my long-suffering friend and collaborator Ragnar Hrafnkelsson on board, and together we composed, mixed and mastered the final soundtrack.

In addition to receiving considerable coverage online, the trailer was also aired on Serbian national TV in the run-up to the festival opening.

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