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Summer 2015
Electronics, Design, Build
Physical robot design & build x Isobar UK / B-Reel London

International agency Isobar collaborated with B-Reel and Groovy Gecko to create a live, web-connected experience that allowed users to smash a real-life piñata using a robotic arm, in order to promote the new flavours of Pringles Tortillas.

Users in the UK and Germany were able to sign up via Twitter and/or Facebook to take a hit at the unlucky piñata, successful entrants would win a Tortillas-related prize!
B-Reel approached me to lead the design and build of the robotic arm – a really fun challenge!

This required a lot of research into fabrication methods, and learning about pneumatics for the first time, combined with electronic control (via Phidgets) and backend development to connect the entire system to the website (being developed by Isobar)

After constructing two beautiful robots (Pedro & Mario, in reserve), we to work smashing piñatas, the arm pounding each one with 20psi of force per hit. Over 40 piñatas a day were obliterated live online, in a custom-built Mexican marketplace set deep within East London.

Isobar casestudy: site
B-Reel casestudy: site

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