Hi! I work with software, sound and electronics to make experiences for VR, installations, games, performances, & the web.

Based in London & Reykjavík, working worldwide, always looking for adventures.

I am a co-founder at Horizons Studio making music-centered VR experiences.

I'm also co-founder of Huldufugl, creating immersive theatrical environments in both the real world and the virtual.

Here's the story so far..

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Sound design
Pure Data, Node.js
Immersive interactive installation x B-Reel

>Star Canvas Case Study (B-Reel.com)

To celebrate B-Reel London’s 5 year anniversary, the team decided to create a large immersive installation, to be installed at the office as we invited the great and the good of the London advertising world down to party and drink with us!

The huge star chart, powered by WebGL in Chrome and controlled using the new Leap Motion controller, was a huge hit at the party, as people were invited to create their own constellations via a roaming iPad interface.

I was brought in towards the end of the project to add sound to the experience, and in a short space of time, we connected the Node.js server that was at the heart of installation to a Pure Data scene via OSC.

The Pure Data scene itself was setup to involve as few samples or pre-programmed sequences as possible – and let the data from the various constellations (their size and shape) drive the sounds that are played when they are selected.

You can download the Pure Data patches and samples from the following repository:

StarCanvasAudio on Github : link

WebGL code by Yi Wen Lin : blog
The results, when combined with the massive 4m+ wide dome projection system were very satisfactory, and can be heard below:

‘Clap’ sound effects (played when the user clapped their hands over the leap motion)
‘Constellation’ sound effects (played when the user selects a constellation)
‘Drone’ (played on a loop during the experience, all other melodies change relative to the root note)
‘Keyboard’ sound effect (played when the user hits a key on the input keyboard)
Front-end development
HTML5, Node.js
Online cross-platform music mashup tool x B-Reel / AMV BBDO / Mercedes-Benz UK


Launched in conjunction with a nationwide TV commercial, the Sound With Power tool allows the audience to create their own ‘mashup’ music video, using a number of high profile artists’ music and the incredible sound of the E 63 AMG engine.

The site allowed users to dynamically add loops of synchronised video and audio to a composition to create the final track.
The challenge during development was that this was to happen across desktop, tablet and mobile (Android & iOS), which up until this point had rarely been done before – if ever.

Leading the Sound With Power development team at B-Reel, I was responsible for the planning, technical design and delivery of this project.

B-Reel : site
AMV BBDO : site
Music by Ithica Audio: site
We built a customised Node.js-based rendering system to take the large amount of raw video footage for the loops, and convert them into spritesheets ready for playback on the various different devices we had to support.

For the sound, I was also responsible for building a playback system that would remain in time with the video, which would switch between audio technologies (WebAudio, HTML5, Flash) depending on what was available for the playback.

In the end, we delivered a fun, innovative project that won both the FWA ‘Cutting-edge’ and ‘Site of the Day’ awards, and that we feel pushed the boundaries of what can be done with realtime video and audio in the browser, across platforms.

Front-end development
Physical Installation with global online presence x B-Reel / Google Creative Labs


Chrome Web Lab is a series of interactive experiments by Google Creative Labs, accessible both throughout the world, and at the Science Museum, London.

The aim was to bring the magic of the web to life, both online and in the physical world.
As part of the development team at B-Reel, I was responsible for aspects of the front-end development across the entire site.

This involved cutting-edge HTML5 development, tight integration with a complex-back-end system, real-time interaction via WebSockets, all in collaboration with the talented team at B-Reel, as well as Tellart and Google.

Music Composition, Sound Design
Ableton Live, Pro Tools
TVC x Catalyst.org / Metropolis Digital

>Watch on Vimeo

Catalyst, a nonprofit organisation with aims of expanding opportunities for women in business came to Metropolis with a brief to create a TV commercial that would be shown in Canada.

A team of animators including Tom@Fivesnakes, Oded Shein, and Jon Folkard came together to produce this short, but characterful piece.

Catalyst : site
I was tasked with produce both a musical soundtrack to accompany the piece, and light sound design to bring the animation to life.

Nov 2007 - Apr 2008
Hardware design & software development
C#, C++, WPF
Interactive 3D Multitouch Interactive Tables x Hitachi 'Inspire Life' Conference, London/Paris

I was tasked with building 22 interactive ‘tables’ for Hitachi’s high-profile ‘Inspire Life’ event in London & Paris.

These tables allowed people to explore Hitachi’s products and services using a unique 3D ‘rubix cube’ interface. The interfaces would also have to be multitouch, so that a ‘spread’ motion on the surface would explode the cube, showing the product headings. Pressing an individual cube would display information and images related to that area.
Custom FTIR-based multitouch input system

Multitouch input driver using the OSC protocol for Windows / C#

Realtime 3D engine using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) / C#

Networking software for synchronised multi-screen ‘train’ animation

On-site installation & maintenance in London & Paris.
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