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A freelance creative technologist working with software, sound and electronics for VR, installations, games, performances, & the web.

Based in London & Reykjavík, working worldwide, always looking for adventures.

Also co-founder at Horizons Studio making music-centered VR experiences and Huldufugl, creating immersive theatrical environments in both the real world and the virtual.

Here's the story so far..
TVC x Catalyst.org / Metropolis Digital
Music Composition, Sound Design
Ableton Live, Pro Tools

>Watch on Vimeo

Catalyst, a nonprofit organisation with aims of expanding opportunities for women in business came to Metropolis with a brief to create a TV commercial that would be shown in Canada.

A team of animators including Tom@Fivesnakes, Oded Shein, and Jon Folkard came together to produce this short, but characterful piece.

Catalyst : site
I was tasked with produce both a musical soundtrack to accompany the piece, and light sound design to bring the animation to life.

Interactive 3D Multitouch Interactive Tables x Hitachi 'Inspire Life' Conference, London/Paris
Nov 2007 - Apr 2008
Hardware design & software development
C#, C++, WPF

I was tasked with building 22 interactive ‘tables’ for Hitachi’s high-profile ‘Inspire Life’ event in London & Paris.

These tables allowed people to explore Hitachi’s products and services using a unique 3D ‘rubix cube’ interface. The interfaces would also have to be multitouch, so that a ‘spread’ motion on the surface would explode the cube, showing the product headings. Pressing an individual cube would display information and images related to that area.
Custom FTIR-based multitouch input system

Multitouch input driver using the OSC protocol for Windows / C#

Realtime 3D engine using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) / C#

Networking software for synchronised multi-screen ‘train’ animation

On-site installation & maintenance in London & Paris.
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