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February 2016
Lead Development, Design
Javascript/Coffeescript, WebAudio, SVG
Interactive browser-based audio experience x MassiveMusic
mmorph by MassiveMusic

> mmorph.massivemusic.com

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mmorph is an adventure into new ways of delivering interactive music in the browser and beyond.

A collaboration between global music agency MassiveMusic, Reactify Music, Grotesk, Enzien Audio and myself, mmorph is an example of a new workflow which we hope will open up many possibilities for interactive audio – first in the browser, and then for games, apps, installations and VR.

The site takes you through an interactive music piece, enabling different musical parts, applying realtime effects, composing and looping a top-line synth, and creating intense build-ups and drops!


MassiveMusic: site
Reactify: site
Enzien Audio: site
Grotesk Studio: site

FWA Insights: site

My role was lead developer on the project, handling the integration of the audio code from Reactify & Enzien Audio (who in turn were working with original music composed by Massive) with realtime SVG graphics and animations art-directed by Grotesk.

The interactive audio was produced via a unique workflow where Reactify worked rapidly and closely with Massive’s in-house composer in Pure Data, an visual programming environment that allows for real-time prototyping and development.

This Pure Data ‘patch’ was then converted to run in the browser via Enzien Audio’s Heavy compiler. This compiler can also transform the same source patch into code suitable for Unity, Unreal engine, OpenFrameworks, desktop/mobile apps and VR experiences, with little or no alterations to the original.


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Owen Hindley 2016