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Front-end development
HTML5, Node.js
Online cross-platform music mashup tool x B-Reel / AMV BBDO / Mercedes-Benz UK


Launched in conjunction with a nationwide TV commercial, the Sound With Power tool allows the audience to create their own ‘mashup’ music video, using a number of high profile artists’ music and the incredible sound of the E 63 AMG engine.

The site allowed users to dynamically add loops of synchronised video and audio to a composition to create the final track.
The challenge during development was that this was to happen across desktop, tablet and mobile (Android & iOS), which up until this point had rarely been done before – if ever.

Leading the Sound With Power development team at B-Reel, I was responsible for the planning, technical design and delivery of this project.

B-Reel : site
AMV BBDO : site
Music by Ithica Audio: site
We built a customised Node.js-based rendering system to take the large amount of raw video footage for the loops, and convert them into spritesheets ready for playback on the various different devices we had to support.

For the sound, I was also responsible for building a playback system that would remain in time with the video, which would switch between audio technologies (WebAudio, HTML5, Flash) depending on what was available for the playback.

In the end, we delivered a fun, innovative project that won both the FWA ‘Cutting-edge’ and ‘Site of the Day’ awards, and that we feel pushed the boundaries of what can be done with realtime video and audio in the browser, across platforms.

Owen Hindley 2016