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Sound Design, Music, Weather API
Pure Data, Ableton Live, Node.js
Interactive art installation x Collaboration w/ Yi-Wen Lin, Bertrand Carrara

Kuafu is an interactive art installation based on the Chinese myth of the giant that tried to catch the Sun.

The installation itself comprises of a large, wide-format projection of a 3d landscape, through which the Giant walks, braving weather, mountains, and seas in his quest to catch the Sun which is causing a drought amongst his people.

The topography, rivers, oceans and weather are all based on actual data drawn in from live APIs and Google Maps, and visitors can control his path using a mounted tablet running a web-based interface showing where in the world Kuafu is walking.

I joined the fantastic Yi-Wen Lin and Bertrand Cararra on this project in part as an entry for Google’s DevArt competition, in which we made it through to the final 10 entrants!

The project remains still in active development.
My role on this project was as sound designer and composer, but as you can see from the development diary below, we intended to involve as much generative, code-based audio as possible in this project to fit with the 3D aesthetic in the visuals. This will involve extensive work in Pure Data, as well as controlling Ableton Live via OSC from Node.js.

I also worked on the Weather API, translating the incoming latitude/longitude coordinates from the visual engine into data concerning wind speed, direction, and rainfall, so our Giant would have to face the same elements as he would do in the real world at that location!

Also I managed the initial motion capture sessions with live actors to give Kuafu some real personality in his movements.

You can see the development process here:

Project page : site
Project page on DevArt : site
Yi-Wen Lin : site Bertrand Cararra : site

Owen Hindley 2016