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August 2017
Direction, Design, Development
Unity, C4D, Oculus Rift
Interactive VR theatre x Personal Project / Huldufugl
Imagine one day, you’re going along minding your own business, and you suddenly find yourself inside an invisible box, unable to escape. Along comes a stranger, who seems like your only hope of escape. But how will you make them trust you, asking them to put themself at risk to help you out of your situation?

Kassinn / The Box is an interactive VR theatre experience in which the audience shares a conversation in real-time with a performer, who is present in the virtual world via a markerless motion capture suit.

Created by Huldufugl (an Icelandic / British events company that I co-founded with theatre maker & producer Nanna Gunnars), the show explores what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, the intersection of theatre and cutting-edge technology – specifically VR in this case!

Performers : Nanna Gunnars, Ástþór Ágústsson Motion Capture : PuppIT Sound : Ragnar Hrafnkelsson Additional 3D design, build : Jacob Andersson
The concept initially began as a short play by Nanna, written and performed last year – and when the opportunity came up to apply for funding from Reykjavík City to produce a show for Culture Night (Menningarnótt), I put forward the idea to re-create this piece in VR.

One person at a time experiences the piece inside of a 2.4 x 2.4m physical space, whilst the actor performs on the outside. I was responsible for building the virtual world in Unity, integrating it with the Xsens motion capture system, and along with Nanna and Ástþór, devising the ‘script’ for things that would happen to the audience during the performance.

The motion capture was expertly handled by PuppIT, and after successfully wrangling all the technology into a cohesive show, battling wifi interference, sunlight, and one performer nearly losing their voice, we ran the show for an entire day right in the city centre, and scoring a feature on national TV!

Huldufugl : link

Owen Hindley 2016