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Direction, Design, Development
Unity, VR
Interactive VR theatre x Huldufugl
Imagine one day, you wake up inside an invisible box, unable to escape. Kassinn is an engaging, but playful, interactive theatre performance with a live actor in virtual reality. Will you trust this mysterious stranger? Or listen to the voice in your head, trying to get you out?

Created by Huldufugl (an Icelandic / British events company co-founded by myself and writer, actress & producer Nanna Gunnars), the show explores what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, smashing together future-thinking theatre forms with technology – in this case, Virtual Reality and mutliplayer gaming!

Performers : Nanna Gunnars, Ástþór Ágústsson
Music : Iris Thorarins
Sound : Ragnar Hrafnkelsson
Concept Development : Alexander Dan Vilhjálmsson
Additional 3D design, build : Jacob Andersson

Behind the scenes at STOFF 2018 : link
Kassinn at Menningarnótt 2017 (first iteration) : link

WINNER : Best Interactive Narrative Experience Raindance Film Festival 2019
WINNER : Outstanding USA Premiere, San Diego International Fringe Festival 2019
WINNER : Most Amazing Game Award 2019, A MAZE. Festival 2019
WINNER : Innovation in Performance, Stockholm International Fringe Festival 2018
NOMINATED : GRAND PRIX, Stockholm International Fringe Festival 2018

The concept initially began as a short play by Nanna, written and performed in a conventional theatre in 2016 – after which I put forward the idea to re-create this piece in VR. We premiered the first version in Reykjavík in August 2017, and developed it for a longer run in July 2018, before taking the show to the Stockholm Fringe Festival in September 2018, and with more international dates planned for 2019!

One person at a time experiences the piece inside of a 2 x 2m physical space, whilst the actor performs in a separate physical space. For our first outing, we used the Xsens motion capture suit (expertly handled by PuppIT), but currently the show involves two Oculus Rift setups, sharing the same virtual space using multiplayer networking.

Show control is handled by an operator, who can observe and control both events in the world and the ‘voice in your head’ via a Qlab interface, and we have a beautiful LED box created by Swedish engineering magicians Svartljus

Huldufugl project page : link

Owen Hindley 2016