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Interactive VR Music Journeys x Google Daydream
Horizons is a series of interactive VR music journeys for Google Daydream, available for free on the Play Store.

After a chance introduction in Iceland via the wonderful people at Bedroom Community, I was invited to submit a proposal for a launch title for Google’s new VR headset, Daydream. I contacted my long-term collaborator Yuli Levtov and together with our friends David Li and Leif Podhajsky, we laid out plans to create the first music-focused title for this new platform.

Created by:
Owen Hindley
David Li
Leif Podhajsky

With incredible support from:
Peter Cardwell-Gardner
Richard E Flanagan

Within the app, you control the music – the music controls the world. You can use the Daydream controller to make an otherworldly jungle come alive with sound, or travel at breakneck speed through colourful hyperspace.

In December 2016 we launched the first two scenes, featuring great music from both My Panda Shall Fly and Reuben Cainer. We’re very excited to be launching the third scene in early 2017, and there’s more to come.

Featured in the Raindance VR Arcade 2017: raindance-selection
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Daydream District Playthrough

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Owen Hindley 2016