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February 2016
Lead Developer
Javascript/ES6, WebGL, WebAudio
Online WebGL experience x HTC / Google / B-Reel

> viveready.htcvr.com

Get Vive Ready by HTC, Google and B-Reel is a WebGL experience that invites the user to test if they are ‘Vive Ready’, to promote the launch of HTC’s Vive VR headset.

The site uses a mobile device as a controller for the 3D desktop experience, and requires you to chop, dodge, swing and shake your way through four challenging levels.
Users completing all four levels were able to enter a prize draw to win an actual Vive headset and controller set.

The site involves some cutting-edge WebGL and mobile phone interaction, which we were happy to see recognised in a number of awards including the FWA’s site of the Month (which followed our project Mmorph’s award the previous month!)


FWA PCA of The Year (Nomination): site
FWA Site of The Month: site
Awwards SOTD : site

Owen Hindley 2016